Sunday is above all a family story. Three passionate generations have been involved in the business from its creation in the 80’s and are working hand in hand today in Saint-Tropez, where the brand is established. So how did it start ?

In the 80’s, Philippe (the founder) was owning a little store in Saint-Tropez and was reselling other brands. Being born and raised in Saint-Tropez, he had his own vision of what women wanted to wear in summer and on holiday though.

So he decided to create his own brand - Sunday -a tribute to the joyful and care-free spirit of Saint-Tropez, as well as a celebration of feminity.

Very quickly, the brand became famous here, the style of the collections being very different, identifiable and appealing. More stores opened shortly after in Saint-Tropez and other locations such as Saint-Barth. Sunday was taking off and would be here to stay!



This is our home, where we take our inspiration from and where all our collections are designed. The whole family lives and works in Saint-Tropez.

"Joie de Vivre"

With our light fabrics & colorful prints, we want to bring the Joie de Vivre and Dolce Vita to your summer wardrobe!

Follow the Sun

Our collections are made for those carefree, sun-kissed days we remember long after they are gone. Just follow the sun...

Feminine Aesthetics

Sunday has consistently captivated women with its ultra-feminine, whimsical aesthetics. Our mission - make women shine!


Our creation process always starts with the fabrics, which are at the heart of our designs. Our main focus is the selection and treatment of the fabrics, to create comfortable and quality pieces that will last through time. We want our collections to be a part of your beautiful summer memories : from linen timeless essentials, to colorful and more whimsical pieces, we want to provide every generation with clothes that will remind them of the sea, the sun and time spent with family and friends.

Our collections are focusing on light and airy fabrics, that will provide comfort on hot summer days. Billowing blouses, flowing skirts and flirty sun dresses in delicate hues of soft cottons, linens and silks form the foundation of the Sunday summer wardrobe

Rich in detail, ourflattering silhouettes are accentuated by intricate lace, hand sewn embroideries and vintage romantic floral prints, which playfully come together to deliver Sunday’s signature aesthetic of whimsical romanticism.


We work almost exclusively with natural and soft fabrics such as linen, cotton and viscose that have been made with love in Italy, France and India.

We take great pride in our Signature/Essentials collection, 100% made in Italy with Italian linen and cotton. Unlike many brands that simply purchase pre-made fabrics, we are taking part in every stage of the fabric’s journey (see steps below).

Our Signature collection is made in the heart of Italy, in an atelier where skilled artisans pour their expertise and love of craftmanship into every stitch. This allows us to work with the best production techniques and ensures the
high quality of our pieces.

ITALIAN Production process

1. We produce our linen fabric

We start by producing our own linen fabric, because we want our linen to be special: airy, soft and of the best quality.

2. We do our own tye-and-dye

We apply our signature tie-and-dye technique. This allows us to create vibrant and one-of-a-kind colors.

3. Italian craftmanship

Each piece is meticulously crafted in the heart of Italy, where tradition meets innovation. Superior Italian craftsmanship is at the heart of these timeless essentials.

4. Quality

Our commitment to quality is present in every detail. We prioritize small-batch production to maintain the highest standards.