Why do we love summer?

For the sun or the warmth? It's much more than that. Summer is the season of lightness. It’s the liveliness of long days when it’s good to be outside from early in the morning until late in the evening. When summer is here, we feel it on our skin. When it is far away, we imagine it... on our skin. It’s the glow that influences our energy and our moods. It’s the levity that takes hold of our hearts and minds. It’s the season of carefree, slow and sweet life.      

Summer creates the deepest memories, joyful and unforgettable ones, the moments spent out of time.

It embodies the captivating and enchanting radiance that carries us to wonderful moments spent with family and friends laughing, strolling, and discovering the beauty of unknown landscapes. The weightlessness of the fabrics letting through the sunshine on our skin, which gives us the luminous glow that we all love. It's the freedom of movement allowed by the fluidity of the materials, which makes our dresses, skirts, and pants twirl around.

When the summer is over, it’s the memories of all these moments that settle and comfort us during the long winter days. We put away the sensations and clothes until next summer, until the next sunny destination that awaits us, until the next suitcase, light with our favorite clothes.


Photo Credit: Laura Payet


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