Welcome to Saint-Tropez!

We’re already a month into the new year, a year full of goals and plans to immerse ourselves in working towards. And amongst those plans, our favorites are… summer plans.

Winter is a lovely time of the year, but aren’t you ready for the sun to come back out and your tan to be golden again? Remember what it feels like to be by the beach, the sun warming your skin… Your dresses and sandals are practically taking themselves out of your closet at this point!


What better place to spend a stylish and magical summer vacation than the French Riviera’s one and only, Saint Tropez; our home and inspiration. One of the most prestigious destinations in the world, stomping grounds of the unique and iconic Brigitte Bardot, and hub of celebrities’ summer getaways, Saint Tropez isn’t merely a city; it represents a way of life. Our way of life, which you’re about to get a sneak peak into.

With 6 million visitors every year, it is the most well-known of the world’s villages, and yet very few people get to truly experience Saint Tropez the way it is intended to.

Throughout our new series, we’ll embark you with us to discover our home and give you a glimpse of paradise. You’ll be provided with all the insider tips and tricks to make sure you get the full, authentic Saint Tropez experience.

La Dolce Vita isn’t only about what to do, but also how to do it, and why.

We’ll take you through a typical yet unordinary day along our infamous streets, let you in on the hidden gems most tourists miss, and give you a sweet avant-gout of bliss. You’ll find out how to best enjoy brunch, our local specialties and renowned restaurants. And whether you want to eat the best croissant, go to the beach, have dinner, or get a fun taste of nightlife, we’ve got you covered. And of course, to look fashionable throughout it all, our Sunday outfits are there for you, too.

Stick with us to have the mightiest experience of our beloved Saint Tropez. Bienvenue chez nous!

Photo Credit: Google, Hotel des Lices


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